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Lavia Sday always shines a beauty trick: she's at home


One of the most beautiful women in Lithuania, Lavija Šurnaitė, in her books speaks with bravery of appearance and that many women do not dare to overcome their imperfections and how to get rid of such emotion. Of course, women are willing to share the beauty discoveries they believe can inspire other women to strive to have the best possible look.

The mother inspired beauty to nourish her beauty

L. Šurnaite says that the appearance of her contemporaries, which she needs today, wants to speak even more courageously and harder to animate her to learn to accept herself. See not only defects, but also highlight the benefits. After all, they have everything and enough. In her books, Lavia encourages her to feel good in her own body, to enjoy her uniqueness and not to seek imperfections.

Lavia loved her mother from maternity. The TV director remembers how from the early morning hours she was seeing the beauty of her mother. The girl imagined her putting on her face several homemade masks that are mixed in the house. "Since there were no cosmetic supplies in the stores, there were very popular masks" that I found in the refrigerator. "A trapped house" beauty treatment "- cucumber slices in the eyes and masks of strawberries. The image will not be fine, believe me," laughed J Šurnaitė.

Later, women were inspired to take care of the appearance of the most beautiful women in the world, although not all tests deserve attention and pleasure. Lavia remembers how, in an interview, she once read that Italian actress, Sofi Loren, thanks the youth and the beauty of the body when oil is oiled. "I tried that. But I did not like anything. For me, however, more cosmetic products prepared by the cosmologists," – opened L. Šurnaitė, which nurtures beauty with more modern beauty products than food from the refrigerator.

Important beauty rites

The viewfinder is watched every day with an impeccable look. However, Lavia admits that, to revitalize the skin of cosmetics and hairdressing salons, you need to adhere to certain disciplines of beauty procedures.

"The appearance before the ether is taken care of by the TV grimer, cosmetic help, masterfully masking the labels of fatigue. But, more importantly, how it is seen the skin as in reality every day. And it is my responsibility to take care of him. Step is to clean the TV as soon as possible after a life at home. As soon as I feel relieved, the skin is like breathing, because a thick layer of cosmetics makes me uncomfortable. I am very fond of skin rejuvenation with skin hydrolates, masks with Serious masks, which I call a joke, "says one of the most beautiful women in Lithuania.

Lavia not only loves homemade food masks, but also other beauty creams with a creamy consistency, which are difficult to wash after the procedure. He likes to choose wet tissue masks from the Biocell line and other innovative products, such as a beauty shot.

"They are very comfortable and nice. Skin after a procedure seems after a massage. In my bathroom, even some biocell line masks are always on the shelf, which I try to use not only before sessions or events of important photos. because it suffers from dryness After a party or when the heating season begins, the face of the drowsy face begins to crumble. On that skin and makeup, it is unfortunate. The health status of a healthy skin affects not only my work on TV In general, I feel annoyed because of it, so I try to avoid the occurrences of my eyes and skin, moisturizing the material with masks, smoke the face with a hydrolat. Such intensive watering results give results. Beauty procedures should be performed regularly for every woman ", – confessed L. Šurnaitė.

The secrets came from the Japanese

According to the director of television programs and book writers, in order not to alter the appearance and feelings of life, tiredness and insomnia can be completely innocent at first glance, but one very important thing is discipline. Needs both nutrition, exercise or sleep, as well as beauty treatments.

"My beauty formula is simple, it's all about simple things that cost nothing or nothing. Every day, I try to sleep, drink a lot of water and continue regularly. The biggest rest after work is a quick walk. In this way, I can easily overcome the stress of the day, maybe I will not be surprised, but the great wonders with the body can be made by the hot water of body temperature like those who like to drink chocolate, every morning start with a glass of warm water, not at room temperature, but specifically the body temperature. I will be trapped with lemons. I also try to drink a lot of water during the day, because without it it is difficult for me to start to heal the headaches, "L. Šurnaitė does not hide.

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