Thursday , July 29 2021

"Neptune" is a test of the Greek team that created the incredible story

The ashes of Greek basketball: it is worth mentioning the future team of Promitheas Patrons of the rival of Neptune of Klaipėda.

The club, founded in 1985, premiered for the first time in 2016 and this year the team led by Makio Giatro has won the FIBA ​​Champions League.

The Greeks who started the powerful season in team D won four wins in the first four games and in the fifth encounter, at the end of the encounter, they encountered one of the main priorities in the GIS in Strasbourg.

"The Greeks have become somewhat unexpected about our group," said Kazys Maksvytis on the website. – However, this team shows a good game in both the Champions League and the local front. Promitheas have players who make the right decisions and can win the game. Although the Patriotic team is debuting at the international front, it has many experienced players and a good coach. "

Mr. Giatras, 47, is a living legend in Patras. In 2013, this specialist became the sports director and technical director of the club and, after a year, Promitheas won the fourth division of the country. A year later, the triumph of the third party in terms of capacity in the Greek championship.

Then Giatras led the club to the highest league in Greece, last year, with the team, traveled to the semifinals of the country, which guaranteed the place in the Champions League.

Although Promitheas retained most players last season, it also filled with new rookies. Its main one is Ron Brown, of 27 years of age.

The Americans reported on themselves in the Champions League in the 2016-17 season, when they represented the Joensuu Kataja teams in Finland they were the second most successful basketball player (17.9 points) in the lead.

This season, Brown has an average profit of 16.4 points (Trit 50%), reaches 4.4 points, performs 2 laps and collects 17.2 points of utility.

Neptune's trainer, K. Maksvytis, also highlights the leader of Promitheas.

"We have to stop R. Brown, what a shock and a good fuse," said a port specialist. – In an emotional way, we must emphasize the fast attack of the rivals, because it is a good ride for the crew, especially for the defenders, but it is not uncomfortable for the good defense to be high. "

The team also has losses: they do not play 5.8 points and Defender Langston Halls defends 3.8.

The participation of midfielder Prometheus Octavius ​​Ellis, who lost the last game, is also doubtful. This center plays on average for almost 14 minutes, returns 7.3 points and returns to 3.5 points.

"It is a well-prepared and strong team with many metrics and an interesting offensive. The patriotic team is showing a good and beautiful basketball and the Promitheas tells the fact that last week was defeated by Jonas Mačiulis represented by Athens AEK," – K. Maksvytis praised the rivals.

"Neptune" gave Kyle Weaver a break for the weekend, which recently suffered an ankle injury. However, the striker, like the rest of the city's basketball players, will be ready to play.

The Klaipėda team will try to defeat the traditions and try to defend the fortress at home, where this season has not been defeated. In case of victory, Neptune will reach the third place of the Greeks.

The trainer K.Maxvytis loses the support to more fans, than previously they provided a great impulse to the equipment.

"Yes, openly, I am a little uncomfortable, because the team is playing pretty well," said a specialist. – The opponents are not bad, but the assistance fell slightly. Viewers may be tired of basketball, as Klaipeda has always been a playground "Švyturys." We hope that viewers start to visit more, we play a much more fun room. "

The start of the match at the "Švyturys" stadium is 19 hours.

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