Friday , January 22 2021 the sun will eject the clouds of veils

On the night of Wednesday, when it is cloudy in good weather, you should not have to lie. Southwest moderate wind pears. The temperature at night will again fall from 4 to 9 degrees Celsius.

On Wednesday afternoon, clouds fall off with strong southeastern winds, often the sun will shine, the chances of rain will continue to be low. When the mass of hot air slowly began to fall, the day will be cooler than the sun on Tuesday and it will warm up between 9 and 14 degrees.

On the evening of Thursday, the sky will remain cloudy. Southeast and South. The morning temperature will drop to 1-6 degrees Celsius.

On Thursday, the clouds will not be too much, often taking the sun, getting dry. Light southeast light, south wind. The heat will continue to flood – in the second half of the day it will rise between 8 and 13 degrees.

On Friday and the weekend there will be thicker clouds, very low, in days I will cool more.

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