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Porzingis went on the turn of the exchange: join Dončičius Dalase / News

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Photo Sports of today in the United States – Scanpix

Latvis Kristaps Porzingis entered the balance and became the new partner of Luka Dončičius at Dallas Mavericks Club, announced by Adrian Wojnarowski on his TV account.

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So far, the representatives of Porzing, Knicks, in turn received Dennis Smith and the rights of DeAndre Jordan and Wesley Matthews, and this is answered by the incorporation of Latvia to Courtney Lee and Tim Hardaway.

In New York, the forward played three seasons – from 2015 to 2018. In 186 games in the strongest league in the world, the basketball player reached an average of 17.8 points, recovered 7.1 points and scored 1.3.

On February 7 last year, a tall man suffered a trauma during which Latvian superstar stumbles with his left knee. Due to the complex operation and long rehabilitation, Porzingis has not escaped this season in the NBA parquet.

Thanks to these exchanges, the Knicks will have a local salary in summer and will be able to sign two contracts of maximum value with free agents.

At that time, Smith leaving Dallas plays his second career season. In an average of 101 race games an average of 14.5 points falls, divides 4.9 results and holds 3.5 balls.

DeAndre Jordan's career is much longer – in the mid-800s in the NBA league, the midfielder gets an average of 9.5 points and picks 10.8.

The Knicks are sent to Hardaway this season with an average profit of 19.1 points, grabbing 3.5 balls and dividing after 2.7 points.

He only played 12 games this year, chose 4.7 points, bounced 2.7 goals and scored 1.3 points.

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