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Returning to L. Messi – historical defeat of Barça, triumphant Real Madrid | Sport

This is the first time in history when Barcelona lost to a game in which L. Messi scored two or more goals.

The guests had two goals in the first quarter – the Firpo Junior, 34º. – Joaquín scored 20 minutes.

L. Mees scored a penalty for 68 minutes, the result was calm, but Real Betis responded with a precise shot of Giovani Lo Celso in minute 71.

In the 79th minute, Bruce Arthur Vidal, but 83 minutes later, Sergio Canalesas again increased the lead.

During the time added to the judge again, L.Messi was marked.

"Barcelona" from minute 81 played without Ivan Rakitičius.

This is the ninth Liga match in which Barcelona did not keep a "dry" door.

With 24 points Barcelona is in the first place, but only has points ahead of Atletico Madrid, which won Athletic Bilbao in 12th race 3: 2.

Real Betis with 16 points is in 12th place.

Photo Scanpix / Real football players

Photo Scanpix / Real football players

Real Madrid against Celta was also good, but Real Club was happy to win.

The game "Real" will save 4: 2.

"Real" wins Karim Benzema (23 minutes), goalkeeper Gustavo Cabralas (56 minutes), Sergio Ramos (83 min.) And Dani Ceballosas, who added the added time to the ball.

"Built" bothered Hugo Mallo (61 min.) And Bryce Mendes (94 minutes).

As of 87 minutes, the hosts played without the elimination of G.Cabralo.

"Real" with 20 points is in this position, "Built" with 14 – 14.

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