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Scanorama is gaining ground: do not miss the second week of the festival –

European Film Forum Scanorama, launched on November 8 and donating a colorful bouquet of good movies the first weekend, invites us to plan the next marathon of the festival days and provide a concise note about the main attractions of the program.

"I want to keep viewers curious and do not have the walls – this is the most important. Choose not only what you like, know and understand, but also what is completely new to you. Scanorama is an opportunity to discover and watch qualified films by critics of professional films and winners at various film festivals. Viewers can be sure that we are offering a high quality cinema of greatest artistic value, "says Gražina Arlickaitė, founder and artistic director of the festival.

Meetings with Tommy Corpel and Thomu Stuber

Tommy Corpel, a Finnish theater and movie star, will appear in Scanorama on Tuesday, featuring Antti-Jussi Annila's "The Eternal Path" for the festival. The main role of the actor in the role of the actor in the creation of the story will be in the main forum of Forum "Cinemas Vingis", where there will be a meeting of the "Cinema Club" dedicated to the guest before the session.

The German director, Thomas Stuber, will also be invited to the "Film Club" meeting, which will feature the "Scene" film by Load Waltz.

The Berlin Film Festival film won the Film Award and the Ecumenical Jury Prize. "Loader Waltz" is a true hijab for humanism, launching the life of a gray worker in the flash of everyday magic and hope. The actor Franz Rogowski, who plays an important role in the opening of "Transit" by Scanorama, plays in the movie. "Loader Waltz" appears next to Sandra Hüller, a star of the famous Maren Ade movie "Tony Erdman" (2016).

The director will also invite the master's workshops, which will talk about the author's cinema and the subtleties of public attention.

Lithuanian movie and premiere

The Scanorama European Film Forum has traditionally presented the latest Lithuanian film works. The first Lithuanian release is the documentary director of Miglė Satkauskaite, "Exit the Home." The main figure of the film is the mountain traveler Algimantas Jucevičius, who inspired hundreds of people to leave the comfort zone and expand their horizons. The film was created by the expedition of A. Jucevičius to the mountains of Tian Shan in Kyrgyzstan. The creative team of petin petin climbed through the mountains and tries to know the extraordinary personality of Algimantas, to understand their attitude to risk, extreme situations, the loss of friends and understand their wisdom.

The works of the new Russian director Ivan I. Tverdovsky, who has already won international recognition in Scanorama, will not be presented for the first time. Several years ago, the first two films, "Spec. Class" and "zoology." The Scanoramos program this year is the work of the third director "The Jokes". Lithuania, along with Ireland and France, is a small co-production participant.

Andrius Lekavičius will present his latest film "Spec". Žvėrynas. "It's a story about the first special secret of a brave squadron of 18 years whose existence, from the perspective of today, seems completely distant from reality, even absurd. It's like a story of the computer game.

Scanorama reaches Kaunas and Klaipėda

November 15 Scanorama comes to Kaunas, which has always been an important point of the festival. Every year, in Kaunas, the most outstanding films of the festival, retrospective and Lithuanian premiere are presented. It's a tradition that Scanorama is opening in the same movie in Vilnius and in Kaunas. This year became the group "Transit", one of the most prominent contemporary German directors, Christianas Petzoldas.

Visitors to Klaipėda from November 16th Also wait for the most important and most anticipated Scanoramos movies. The classic, deep and unexpected movie fanatics will enjoy the Hungarian director László Nemeso in 2016. Oskar "for the best foreign language film" Son of Saul "," Sunset "tape. The narrow thriller" Devil "will add to the claustrophobic world of reality and the imagination, revealing the duality of reality and subordination to moments of power. The catarrh will survive the spectacular debut of the "Blind Zone." In the niche of cheerful films and temperaments: "Fighting Woman" and "Crazy Tours."

Contest program "New Baltic Cinema"

Scanorama announces its tenth anniversary: ​​the New Batija Film Festival, which this year presents the experiences of open personal directors. A total of 11 films were nominated for the competition, which will be shown and rewarded this week. During the year of the competition, Scanorama, in cooperation with the Lithuanian Film Center, helped founders of creative trips to many directors who, following the "New Baltic Film", have successfully completed their careers. NBK's winners almost always claim the Silver Crane Awards and often earn a profit.

The European Scanorama Film Forum will be held on November 8 and 25, Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai.

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