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SEB is also burying code cards: they will not be used soon

SEB Banka has begun sending letters to its clients to set individual dates from which their identification cards will not be valid. Everyone has a different transition period, but the goal is to completely abandon the code cards.

"In the fall of 2019, the European Union Payment Services Directive comes into force with a higher level of security, so we need to make sure that the identification tools of its clients are compatible," explains the explanation of the SEB letters sent to the customers

SEB card on code cards

SEB card on code cards

The media representative of SEB Ieva Dauguvietytė-Daskevičienė commented on a comment that the SEB bank would gradually abandon the identification cards. Starting with customers who already use a different form of online banking. The exact date in which all customers can not use code cards is not yet available, but we are discussing it in early 2020.

"We strive to make the change as fluid as possible for our customers, so we will inform customers about the changes in stages. First of all, the code cards will stop working for those customers who already have another online banking tool. It also selects another login tool, for example Smart gadget for smart identification is recommended to customers who are already using the mobile application of our bank.

In this way, the password cards will not stop working at the same time for all the clients of the bank, and together we will have the opportunity to control how customers are moving to other ways of logging in. With this in mind, we will plan new steps to reject identification cards to make the process as smooth as possible, "said the representative of the SEB.

It says that each client that his password card ceases to be valid and that other tools that choose to be replaced will be personally informed. The next changes will be announced in advance 60 days.

Clients who send emails indicate that they can now connect to the internet bank with the smart ID application, a mobile signature and a password generator.

"Keep in mind that, to change the smart ID card, customers do not have to physically enter the banking department. The application can be downloaded for free from application stores and Google Play and installed on their smartphone. SEB Bank customers when they join the Internet Bank and confirm their operations are a mobile signature, a password generator, an electronic signature, "adds I. Dauguvietytė-Daskevičienė.

At the end of the validity of the code card, the bank indicates that it must continue to be stored like other documents issued by the bank. It will also allow you to install a smart ID gadget on your smartphone an unlimited number of times.

Swedbank also refuses, Luminor continues to consider

Even in the fall of 2018, Swedbank announced plans to abandon the code cards. Swedbank spokesman Saulius Abraškevičius also explained that the decision to refuse the code cards was taken to meet the highest safety standards for customer identification. Swedbank customers can not access the Swedbank smart card since December last year, with the daily code limits number up to 100 euros per day and, from September 1, 2019, they can not join the Internet base.

SEB is also burying code cards: they will not be used soon

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The representative of Swedbank also stressed that the bank will not collect unused code cards and that although the code card ceases to be used until September 1, 2019, it must still be protected from unauthorized access and not disclose any necessary information to log in to the client's personal account.

Luminor commented last fall that he is also considering abandoning the code cards, but he still had no specific plans. First of all, they wanted to offer new login tools that were expected to encourage customers to choose not to use code cards.

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