Thursday , September 23 2021

The new rules for summer business are like an electrical storm from a clear sky: coffee is still raining until fall

According to the law, which came into force in May last year, municipalities were banned from issuing temporary structures in state land (this applies to outdoor terraces, which are installed on a platform with temporary walls). According to the law, these permits will only be issued by the National Land Service (SSS), which has not yet established how to regulate these permits.

"Legislation is legislation. In 2018, the National Service of the Territory issued an order indicating that they wanted to build a temporary structure in the state land, their harmonization was necessary. We write and ask ourselves how we should behave, we get the answer that we are still preparing the order of consent, but we do not name anything specifically, until now they do not know how to achieve it, "said the Department of permits, permits and consumer protection rights in the municipality of Klaipeda Specialist in Rimantas Armonas.

At the request of clarification of the situation, NFT experts have confirmed that "a draft amendment of the rules is being drafted for the issuance of temporary agreements for the construction of temporary buildings and not simplified in unformed lands, after approval of which the NTC It plans to grant permission to install and use temporary commercial, service and / or restoration facilities. purpose buildings (kiosks, pavilions, outdoor cafes, shopping centers) ".

According to Arūnas, a fight against illegal construction reached an absurd level.

"What do I want to do to create additional jobs right now? We have two objects in which their land is redeemed, so there is good. In another, where we wanted to build a new outdoor terrace that would work all year round, adapted to the coolest time It's the state land. We can not redeem it, so we can not do it. This summer we have a valid permit from before, but what we'll do next year we do not know, "says Arūnas.

The man says that in a financial expression, such a decision of the State is a clear death of the small business.

"There is a huge loss, like a summer bar without an outdoor terrace, you can hit a building and wait for the winter. It's unequivocally unattractive in the summer," he says.

For the knowledge of NFT experts, the need for permits is not high.

"This year, 3 requests were received in Klaipeda, 0 in Palanga and Neringa to issue permits for the construction of temporary structures. Given that our legislation does not provide for such a broadcast, Klaipeda's subsidiary of PFN has refused to issue them, "said Aušrinė Lisauskienė, National Land Service under the Specialist Chief of the Department of Public Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture, on the applications available this year.

But walking through the old city, entrepreneurs reveal a completely different reality.

"It was just here that we went to find out what we had to do several times. He sent me from the cabinet to the cabinet, saying that nobody knows anything," said an open air entrepreneur at the heart of the port.

On the side of the heat season, the coffee owner says that if the situation does not change, he will have to destroy half of the terrace, since only half are on state land.

A coffee manager shrugs and says they want to prepare for the next season now, so if you have to wait for the last minute, there will be a massive demolition of terraces or you will be fined for not being able to demolish.

The entrepreneurs who spoke with DELFI are not burning with great optimism, since many entrepreneurs have a valid construction permit for the last year. So, if the non-commissioned officers do not rush, next year, according to the employer, is in danger of chaos.

Port city specialists say they can only offer an exit: build chairs and coffee tables directly on the floor. However, this is not acceptable to all entrepreneurs. Some say winds and rain are inevitable in the summer, so they do not want customers to dip in the soup, while others are skeptical about green grass.

The time it will take for businessmen to prepare such important authorization procedures is still unclear. According to the representative of the municipality, R. Armonas, the only way to install an outdoor cafe is to take tables, chairs and umbrellas next to the coffee and only the permission of the municipal specialists.

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