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The planners and decorators of weddings celebrated the closing of the season

Of course, it is always fun for a woman with other members of the group to make a program for celebrations like weddings. "It's always a pleasure for the singer or the group to discover that they are very fond of newlyweds and who chose to create the night's atmosphere for the most important part of their life," – my singer.

The event "Planning, decoration, celebration" is organized for the second consecutive year among designers and decorators of weddings. "This is like a great performance for the theme of the wedding, the idea of ​​the event is described by its initiator, the famous wedding planner Inga Šmigelskienė. – We, wedding planners, feel like guests of the festival, and we have a program presented By the service providers of vacations. During the event, only work their work and we know the latest tendencies and exclusive offers that we can recommend to newlyweds. "

Closing ceremony of the marriage

Closing ceremony of the marriage

The organizer of the Nedas Stankevicius event took the night at the Hotel Margis. In addition to the Queens of Roses group, actor Aldegundas, recently from the United States who moved to Lithuania and planned to appear in the national selection of the Eurovision contest and the Folk Trio, could also be seen on stage. An exciting performance on the stage was also demonstrated by mentalist Nicholas Kin. "I think magic, the art of illusion and mentality – what I love and show on the stage – is an integral part of a wedding party. Because the party itself is already magic: the two hearts unite in one and thus the family is created. I am the only person who gives this exceptional day a mystery, joy and wonder, "says N. Kin.

As the initiator of the event, I. Šmigelskienė, said that one day he simply thought that most of the people who went to the wedding business only knew it out of sight. "I realized that I do not know people working in the same area as me, I do not know what kind of company they have, what they care about and what they care about.

Wedding party of the wedding parties / Picture of Nerija Januška

Wedding party of the wedding parties / Picture of Nerija Januška

It was also the idea of ​​creating a wedding planner-decorator from the feisbuke group, and shortly after, organizing the first meeting of representatives in this area. After the success of last year, we have decided to continue and further mature our traditions, "- the inauguration of this event, in collaboration with the wedding planner, Inga Klimienė, who also dealt with the decoration of the holiday space, has no doubt about the convenience of the event throughout Lithuania.

According to the event, the first banker Kristina Kaikairienė, who participated in the event, was recently Londoner in Lithuania. "Every year more and more panels I want to be wedding organizers. However, looking at how much strength this work requires, enthusiasm and enthusiasm soon begin to emerge. After all, this activity is a real test for the family of an ophthalmologist : "Sell" almost every weekend, holidays, "- said K. Kaikarienė, noting that it is very easy to enter this market, but it is very difficult to be there.

"I dreamed of a fairy tale and a caressed wedding, like most of my childhood. However, when I went, if there were wedding organizers in Lithuania, I fear that their prices would not be worthy of me at this time. One of my business creeds, to create a beautiful holiday, you do not have to have a rubber budget, but the cost of the wedding should not be forgotten either. So, remembering that my dreams, stress and work on a holiday are not fulfilled, I want to help other girls to avoid. The accumulated knowledge, experience and ignorance instantly reassure customers. I am pleased to meet the newlyweds, help them to come up with something interesting, designed exclusively for them, "says I. Šmigelskienė, who is already seventeen years of age organizing a business.

Wedding party of the wedding parties / Picture of Nerija Januška

Wedding party of the wedding parties / Picture of Nerija Januška

K. Kaikariene noticed that when planning a wedding, it is important not only to respect the desires, observations, knowledge of the newlyweds, but also their parents. "It's important that you leave no difficulty after the holidays," says a well-known wedding planner, recalling that tradition is still celebrated in Lithuania, that parents celebrate the wedding banquet for young people who are in charge of their budget.

The initiator of the event, I. Šmigelskienė, said that the last season of weddings was dedicated to the fact that this year all the crowns of flowers adorned a warm and sunny climate not only in summer but also in spring and autumn. "We never had that air, which allowed us to launch many beautiful outdoor projects," – I. Šmigelskienė congratulated members of the community of wedding planners and decorators as non-competitors and colleagues who could be contacted at any time during this activity. one or the other situation. "It might be easy to believe that wedding planning activities really do not suffer from chaos," said K. Kaikarienė.

The wedding organizer Inga Klimienė is already looking at the next wedding season. "Next season we will see more and more brides dressed in large or wide sleeves or dresses in fabrics: embroidered with mesh or even feathers. For lovers of dresses without movement, it's a good idea to remember the 70's of the Kaftans and Do not be afraid to improvise. In the field of wedding decoration, I noticed that couples are increasingly looking for uniqueness, so decorators are more free to create decorative solutions aimed at more attractive skills. Increasingly, the quality of services It is of great interest to the bride. Next year, this tendency will only appear. "- I. Klimienė talks about the trends of the following season.

A well-known American florist at the event, asked about future trends, said that the season will be strongly emphasized in individuality, carefully crafted projects and attention to detail. "Important fantasy and high quality search" – A. Mažonas does not hesitate.

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