Sunday , June 20 2021

The tragedy escaped by the funeral of Nipsey Hussle: a man killed and three other wounded Names

Four people were injured during the shooting and one of them was dead. The attack took place on Thursday when fans came to bid farewell to Nipsey Hussle. The latter It was shot on March 31he was 33 years old.

The age of the injured is 30 to 50 years old, says the portal Among them was a woman and three men, all black. However, the identity of the survivor is still unclear.

Los Angeles officials said: "We must stop this sense of violence."

However, the police chief assured that there were no indications that the incident was related in some way to the funeral procession of Nipsey Hussle, although it happened during her near a funeral site.

Moments of the funeral procession: in the gallery:

15min Remember that the famous American rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot on March 31st, next to Marathon Clothing Company, a clothing store that owned her. Soon announced to Eric Holder, 29, of Los Angeles, as a suspect.

One day after the murder, the faithful fans gathered to honor the memory of the journalist peaceful meeting turned into chaos After listening to the sound supported by the weapons or the explosion caused by the explosion, the crowds began to flee. There were 19 people in the hospital for several injuries.

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