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Gareth Southgate defends Wayne Rooney's call after a reaction to the proposed tribute

Wayne Rooney will win a final stopper (Mike Egerton / PA)
Wayne Rooney will win a final stopper (Mike Egerton / PA)

Gareth Southgate defended the inclusion of Wayne Rooney in the English squad for the next games with EE. UU. And Croatia, revealing that he could even have as a captain in a tribute that has been discussed for over a year.

Rooney retired from international duty in August 2017 after 119 caps and a record 53 goals, and his English career is being honored by a finer and finer end in the United States at Wembley next Thursday with a substitute appearance.

The coach in England is firm that the occasion does not devalue the shirt and also described as "strange" the divisive debate that surrounded the participation of Rooney, which the attacker felt would not be appropriate in the friendly against Nigeria on the eve of the World Cup.

"These discussions started more than 12 months ago. I was very happy about the homage that was before the World Cup, but Wayne did not want to distort the team at that moment, which everyone respected," said Southgate. "That's why it was returned.

"Now we have the opportunity for Wembley to pay that tribute. I can still look to the future with the squad I chose, but I also talked a lot about the players on the shirt, the story of the short one, honoring former players.

"Players will respect Wayne's approach and deserve the best possible shipment. I understand that this has caused a lot of debate but it's a little way of assessing what he has given to his country.

"We are a strange country in which we regret the fact that we do not achieve the maximum that we want, and then we have a player that must be realized to the maximum and we are spending a lot of time justifying paying tribute to that.

"I am anxious to work with him and give him the shipment he deserves, which is not always possible.

"We can evaluate, once everything is finished, if that was correct and we would do it again. During a period I try to tackle things differently, and some of those decisions are a bit risky, some have paid, some do not. completely comfortable with the situation ".

The 33-year-old Rooney had also been England's captain, but at his retirement, the youth team at Southgate created a new identity with Harry Kane as his new leader.

Withdrawal of suggestions, Rooney would deliver his long-numbered 10th shirt, but Southgate revealed that he would not have "any problem" to use the captain's bracelet and his belief that the configuration of the national team has often delayed large ex- players

"The last game he played, when he arrived, Jordan Henderson was hit and gave him his bracelet as soon as he ran into the field," he said. "This will depend on the circumstances and who is out there, but I have no problem with that.

"The value of the covers is very difficult to specify. You can continue two minutes to go because you need a change; I played when we changed the whole team for half an hour. This device is an opportunity to meet some new players, then we have the game with Croatia what is important to us and I want to protect the squad as much as possible in the first game.

"It seems that there is a general feeling that the 66 team might not be recognized as possible for a while. We try to involve both old players as possible.

"If I am a current player, the way old players are treated is very important to me, because you can see what the future holds for you."

Naming a 28-member squadron, Southgate also delivered a first call to the forward of Bournemouth Callum Wilson, a forward of Everton defense Michael Keane, and retained Jadon Sancho de Dortmund.

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