Thursday , September 23 2021

Pengerang's neighbors who heard an explosion believed that they reached the day of the final trial. Nation

PENGERANG: The neighbors of Kampung Lepau, located 5 km from Pengerang's integrated complex, thought that the day of the final trial came when they heard an explosion.

Many houses were also damaged in the incident occurred yesterday at 1.25am.

The army Muhammad Wuf Suzaimi Mohd Suhaimi, 29, said he woke up to his colleagues at home when he felt the explosion.

"The house we are

in was not too bad, but we all felt the impact and we thought the world was coming to an end.

"My other friends and I who worked in the complex said that we went home, as the authorities continued to evaluate the security of the area," he said.

Assistant inspector Mohd Nor Abdul Jalil, 35, said he was asleep, when he suddenly felt what he thought was an earthquake that lasted several seconds.

The walls of my house, as well as my mother's house, were destroyed due to the impact of the explosion, he said.

"A part of my mother's kitchen ceiling has also collapsed," he said, adding that he was happy that his family was safe.

Housewife Hamidah Ramli, 59, also thought that her home was going to overthrow during the incident she described as a bad experience.

Now I am afraid of the safety of my family, he said.

"He only knew of the explosion later. Most houses were also affected, "he said.

Two people, aged between 28 and 30, who are believed to have worked as security guards on the spot, were injured in the incident.

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