Tuesday , July 27 2021

The benefits of jade eggs are not proven, according to gynecologists

Perhaps no "help" of sexual well-being has created such a stir or a jade egg. Last year, Gwyneth Paltrow's brand of well-being, Goop, had to pay fines of $ 145,000 to sell eggs on its website with unfounded health claims by CNN and, yet, they are still being talked about and being sold. I only know, with very vague descriptions (or zero).

What is exactly a jade egg?

A jade egg, a yon egg, is an egg-shaped weight (usually made of stone like jade or quartz) that insert and keep within the vagina. Similar to a ball of Kegel or Ben Wa (someone remembers Fifty darker shadows), it was said that the egg strengthens the pelvic floor, requiring that the muscles are tightened to maintain it in its place. The problem is: and this is an important problem, they can do more harm than good.

"There is no evidence of using a jade egg, but there are several risks," he says Women's health adviser Kate White, MD, ob-gyn and director of the scholarship in family planning at the University of Boston.

First: because they are made of stone, "eggs are porous and can absorb bacteria, which means that they can not be completely cleaned between each use," says Dr. White. "Then, when you insert the egg into the vagina after the first use, it literally returns bacteria to your body." This is how to ask for an infection.

Also, because the egg has a slippery glass texture, it can be quite difficult to remove, says Dr. White. While some eggs have a rope attached to them, extraction may require a visit to the office of your gym or even to the emergency room. No, thank you.

Jade's egg may not be legitimate, but Gwyneth's skin care routine has some tricks that he may want to steal:

There are some possible benefits of using a jade egg?

When Goop announced for the first time the jade's egg, which really started the hype, it supposed that the egg supports hormonal balance, menstrual regulation and bladder control, none of them had any scientific research behind it, according to Forbes.

And although it is possible that a jade egg could it It helps to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, there is no reason, given its risks, to choose one about the proven and true method (without mentioning, free): Kegel exercises. Kegels simply involves squeezing the muscles below, as if you were grabbing and the experts say they work.

There is another potential for the benefit of a jade egg: increased sexual desire. Again, there is no evidence of this, but "it is possible that you feel a collapse in the libido of the placebo effect, which is powerful," says Dr. White. (Like in, alone think You are doing something to boost your drive could boost your drive. Having said that, it is still not worth the risk.

In terms of lubrication – another supposed benefit of a jade egg – "the body produces more discharge in the presence of a foreign body within the vagina, so it is theoretically possible that it would increase," explains Dr. White "But there are other ways to increase your risk-free lubrication … as, you know, with lubricant."

The bottom: save money (an egg yolk will take $ 66) and you're done doing Kegels instead.

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