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The blood of this man became milk, and the reason why it is a fight

Introduce yourself, this is not for the weak. The blood of a man became so full of fats that it turned a milky color. His condition was so severe that when he went to the hospital, his blood swallowed his "blood filtration machine." forcing doctors to conduct an archaic and controversial treatment known as bleeding.

Writing in the magazine Annals of Internal MedicineThe doctors report that the 39-year-old patient was presented to the University Hospital of Cologne in Germany with an unpleasant collection of symptoms, including vomiting, discomfort, headache and deterioration of the alert state slowly. After spending some time in the hospital, his illness diminished and he lost consciousness.

Blood tests quickly revealed the problem: hypertriglyceridemia, although it is an extremely serious case. Hypertriglyceridemia is a condition that results in elevated levels of triglycerides, a type of fat in the blood. It is caused by overeating and associated with obesity, however, diabetes and kidney problems can also be a risk factor. In this case, the man had a history of gallstones and was known to be diabetic.

The counts of triglycerides of this man have exceeded 18,000 mg / dl, which is more than 100 times the level of health taking into account that a suitable person should have a triglyceride count of less than 150 mg / dL.

The doctors initially tried to treat the man using a process known like plasmaferesis, that eliminates the blood, separates its components and gives back some of them to the body. However, his blood was so tired and clutching the machine.

Unfortunately, the doctors returned to bleed, the last one popular as a form of healing, all at the end of the 18th century, which simply meant withdrawing the blood from a patient's body. This technique has been used since ancient times, but has fallen into disagreement with traditional medicine since it can be dangerous and some investigations have cast doubt on its effectiveness. However, the doctors did not have other options.

Now, in the intensive care unit that faces a mortal risk situation, 2 liters of man's blood were designed, what doctors noted appeared cloudy due to high fat levels and replaced by red blood cells and plasma of a donor.

Outstandingly, it worked. After two days, their triglyceride levels lowered enough for doctors to administer the most conventional plasmapheresis treatment, which ended the work.

"If plasmapheresis can not be done due to extreme hyperviscosis, our experience shows that conventional blood blood with replacement [fluids] It can be an effective alternative, "the researchers concluded in a case note on the treatment of man.

"With our knowledge, this is the first report to describe this procedure."

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