Tuesday , June 22 2021

The new "Boy With Luv" of BTS with MV of Halsey has ARMY In Love: exit of the best reaction tweets

Oh my mine mine! BTS's Boy With Luv MV stole hearts and their fans, ARMY, love their love of taking charge of the Twitter topics around the world to celebrate the group's new release.

April 12 at 6:00 p.m. KST, BTS returned with "Map of the Soul: Person," including the song "Boy With Luv" along with American singer Halsey, who also co-starred in the colorful and fun music video of the funk pop track.

The 10 most important topics in the world on Twitter included #PERSONAWelcomeParty, #MAP_OF_THE_SOUL_PERSONA, #BoyWithLuv, # BTSCOMEBACK2019, #FindYourPersona, and b-sides titles like "Dionysus" and "Jamais Vu".

Members' names have also been seen in world trends as fans shared their favorite moments that emphasize the way everyone shines in MT!

With Halsey also stars in the MV, there is still much to love!

Fans wondered how Halsey felt to learn and perform choreographies with BTS, and Halsey said that although he was nervous to play choreography on MT, BTS made him feel totally comfortable.

This narrow hand with RM has also been so great, and Halsey says there's more to him.

Fans are touched by how the lyrics are related to the recent tweets of the members where they said they were curious about ARMY.

And the message of the song is also warming up the hearts.

Fans soon realized that the neon signs in the video feature the titles of many of the previous BTS albums.

MV's style is inspired by the classic Hollywood movies and, in addition to posters for the movie "Singing in the Rain," some parts of the video refer to famous movie scenes.

There is also a lot of appreciation for the stunning choices of stylists …

And I love some sweet moments.

In general, everything you have about the MV is bringing smiles to fans' faces.

What is your favorite part of the new MT of BTS?

How do you feel this article?

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