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Diego Ventura forgives a bull in the first race of the Grand Season

The rejoneador Diego Venture He made a triumphant return to Mexico, forgiving a bull in the ranch of Enrique Fragua in front of more than 40,000 people who almost occupied the area of ​​Insurgents in the first race of the Great Season.

Enrique Ponce cut an ear of protest and Octavio García "The Payo" was injured in the right thigh.

The disappointing race of Barralva, badly presented and without force or caste, did not give any option to the assassins and contrasts negatively with the bravery of Ghost, the forgiven bull.

In more than 70 years of history, a bull of rejón was not pardoned in La Plaza Mexico until February 11, in the last race of the previous Great Season.

Fate wanted that in the first race of the new bullfighting cycle in Mexico City the second bull of rejones in the place of the capital be pardoned.

In February, Andy Cartagena forgave a noble bull and a large reel, Venture He saved the life of a brave animal with an intense determination.

In addition, "Phantom" was cast in all attacks, always looking for the top-down auction, with infinite avidity.

Venture He understood both fixity – loading "Ghost" intimidated, trapped in the trunk along the tree circle – as well as his bravery, with a variety of cuts, some run over.

The rejoneador was especially precise with the punishments. The brief banderillas were of great emotion; In the latter, the rider put his head on the face of the bull, who initiated a request for unanimous pardon at the post.

There was still time for Venture He left his saddle and, with a crutch on foot, passed the bull, which seemed not to want to leave the ring or leave a cloth to attack.

The rest of the run was conditioned by the poor cattle that the iron of Querétaro presented today in the afternoon.

Enrique Ponce got an ear on his first bull to which he gave only one round unfinished.

A forceful "poncin" ignited the lines and the Valencian bullfighter maintained the joy of the public with loose passages to a bull that, on the other hand, lacked mobility and fell to the ground as soon as it was lowered by hand. Ponce's greatest merit was to keep him up.

A separate but precise push provoked a moderate request from an ear attended by the judge. The protest against the award of the trophy touched the queue.

With his second Ponce he could not do anything, a bull of crossed eyes and scattered quezno served to fight some.

Payo was left without place with his first bull and was exposed with his second, taking a grip on the right thigh. That bull was the best of those sent by the iron of Barralva because of his caste and strength.

The Payo NTR Zacatecas

Luis David Adame could not do much with his bulls. Yes, his banderillero Gustavo Campos left two good parents that he was worth to greet the lying man.

Afternoon of fulfilled expectation regarding the reappearance after six years Diego Venture And that leaves a new forgiveness, fact that in bullfighting it should never be a norm, but an exception.

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