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First picture of a black hole: what's inside these gravitational monsters?

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This Wednesday, the photo of a black hole was revealed for the first time.

The feat of the first photo of a black hole is just another track to better understand these enigmatic galactic entities.

Stephen Hawking, the astrophysicist who dedicated his life to their study, said that "black holes are strangestLet any dream of science fiction writers. "

Einstein already predicted that, in fact, there are black holes. And the photo we know this week confirmou your theories

  • "An absolute monster": this is the first photo of a black hole, 3 million times larger than the Earth

This image shows us the Horizon of ewinds from the hole, which would be something like the edge before falling into the abyss.

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Hawking devoted much of his career to studying black holes.

But what is beyond that point of no return? What's inside the hole?

A monster that swallows (almost) everything

The immense gravity in a black hole brings everything that crosses the horizon of the event. Not even light can escape.

  • These are the telescopes in Latin America with which the first photo of a black hole was taken

But that does not mean that it falls there loss. Or at least, nothing.

"From the outside you can not know what's inside of a black hole," said Hawking at a conference in Chile in 2008.

"You can launch televisions, diamond rings or even your worst enemies in a black hole and the entire hole The total mass and the state of rotation will be remembered. "

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A black hole surrounds everything that comes with it, even light.

What does this mean?

According to Hawking, that means that a black hole contains many informationthat you can not see, but it's there.

  • Katie Bouman, the 29-year-old woman behind the first photo of a black hole

Thus, the size of a black hole reflects the amount of information inside it.

In fact, the last research in which Hawking participated before he died was focused on following that information and try to get it back.

Black, but not so much

Hawking also argued that the holes are not as black as we think.

According to the scientist, the effects of quantum physics make black holes shine like hot bodies or even release particles

Other experts theorize that inside the hole there could be one "fire wall", something like a strip of burned particles.

  • As shown in the photo of the black hole that Einstein was right: the image, explained by one of the scientists who made it possible

In addition, the gas and dust that attracts the gravity of the hole generate one friction Fill them at billions of degrees, producing large amounts of radiation, energy leaks and charged particles.

Then, although black holes appear like a monster that devours matter, not everything that is started is lost forever.

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If you think you're in a black hole, listen to Hawking's advice.

For Hawking, this reality leaves a much easier lesson to understand than these complex quantum and astronomical phenomena.

"Black holes are not as black as the oness paint ", said the physicist at his conference in Chile.

"It's not the eternal prisons that we ever think, things can come out of a black hole, either outside and possibly in another universe."

"So, if you feel that you are in a black hole, do not give up. There is a way out. "

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