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GTA 6 in detail! Release date, story, trailer and characters from this version of Rockstar Games | Video games

Grand Theft Auto V It came to market on September 17, 2013 for the remembered one PlayStation 3 e Xbox 360 Rockstar games It came with this delivery, because it captivated even more with the open world and the things you can do in the big city. PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are the consoles of the moment they will receive the GTA 6

Today, GTA V It is considered one of the most popular video games, as well as being one of the most played games for its online version and the various changes that some users make available to the community to enjoy and enjoy this title in the best possible way.

Although it is true that Rockstar is focused on receiving Red Dead Redemption 2 , it is not difficult to imagine that soon we will have more news about this legendary saga that has been going for more than 5 years without a renewal, at least not with another complete delivery.

Is there a hope to see a new one? GTA logo? In this article we will review historical information of the franchise along with the information of its creators, to discover all the necessary information of the following, and possibly last, Grand Theft Auto.

Release date of GTA 6

Although it is true that GTA V It was launched in the distant 2013, Rockstar games Updated GTA online Adding original content with new game modes, quests and constant technical support so that your players continue to enter their servers.

This made the company in no hurry to launch the next title of the franchise, taking into account the average number of players and the fact of continuing with the same generation of graphics with PS4 and the Xbox One.

Some experts suggest that if Rockstar plans to launch a new one GTA Soon I would advertise. Second Game bowlt, or video game specialist Michael Patcher He commented that this game could reach an advertisement in the 2021 and its final version is scheduled for 2022.

It is confirmed GTA VI It would have the same graphics as Network Dead Redemption 2 , the development process would be long, possibly targeted at the next generation of consoles as would be the rumored one PlayStation 5 e Xbox Scarlett.

GTA 6 price: how much will it cost for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Two, Xbox Scarlett and PC?

GTA VIAs already mentioned above, it is very likely that it will be released in the next generation of consoles and has a simpler version for the current consoles. As far as price is concerned, the date is so far away that it can not be predicted exactly how the habits of public consumers will change. Rockstar

However, depending on his latest release, it would be Network Dead Redemption II , and if the current price trend continues on the PlayStation Store, GTA 6 It could cost an approximate price of 70 dollars, ascending to 240 or up to 300 soles in the official national stores for the shipping costs.

GTA 6 characters: will there be new anti-heroes?

It is a constant in the games of Grand Theft Auto that the protagonists are anti-heroes, characters with a questionable moral that through history redeem an error of the past or try to achieve an evolution of their person.

In the last delivery we know it Franklin, Michael and Trevor, who starred in the whole history mode GTA V. Before this delivery, the other video games allowed him to live the life of only one.

For the next release of Rockstar, it is very likely that we return to the formula of a joint story, thus having different research edges of a complex plot that involves more than one person, being controlled by the player.

What's right, the following anti-heroes have followed the same line of development so far GTA 6 They would be criminals or new members of the gang who seek their promotion in the mafia of their city.

GTA trailer 6

To date there is no official trailer GTA 6 or if you want a moment. Probably, Rockstar decide to release the trailer of your new game a few days before your ad, so you would have to wait for something to confirm to see an advance.

However, the visual changes that some members of the community have created GTA V make it look like a game of the current generation of consoles:

What will the GTA 6 look like?

When a comparison of maps between the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in front of GTA V, it is possible to be observed that the size of the places to cross including the missions, the tourist places, the highways and all the other possibilities almost doubled.

For the next installment, the map is expected to be increased again to provide a full sandbox experience to the player, giving it the possibility to travel by air, sea, land and do what most users do when trying a GTA: total destruction .

News and rumors about the GTA 6

At the moment, the only track we have about the game was Michael Patcher, a video game analyst who predicts the release of GTA 6 not before 2022. The biggest hope that fans of the franchise are that Rockstar Games is paying close attention to this franchise now that Red Redemption 2 is on the market.

Some odd happened on the GTA servers a few months ago on PC. It turns out that several players GTA V e GTA online He received a series of messages and strange advertisements in the game during his games regarding the release of GTA VI in 2019.

However, this would be a possible hacker attack on the servers of Rockstar, since so far there is no news that there is a new one GTA close

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