Friday , June 18 2021

Jorge Poza talks about the infidelity of Mayrín Villanueva and Santamarina reacts

Eduardo Santamarina defended his wife, Mayrín Villanueva, after the statement by Jorge Poza, former husband of the actress, who talked about the infidelity suffered by her.

The actor defended his wife and said he had classes and principles. He sent a message to Poza in a very educated way.

Eduardo Santamarina PHOTO: Taken from TVyNovelas.

"We are husbands but I have not bought it, they are not their owner, then what my wife does or says, I will always support her, because I know the woman what she is, the values ​​she has and I know love and affection. are things that happen "

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"I will always support her"

The actor made the statements for the magazine HELLO! and said that he will always respond to his wife's comments and that he remains on the sidelines because he does not like "gossip".

He said that everyone should be responsible for their actions and what they say.

"I only say what I can tell you, what I do or will not always do, I will support him because he is my wife"

Declaration of Poza about his ex-wife

Jorge Poza said that life itself shows us what we are wrong. He said for "First":

"They are not to be forgiven, I think that life itself is responsible for addressing us and telling us where we make mistakes, then I am not forgiving (…) I resolved instead and followed my path"

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