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Juárez takes Leon in penalties and advances to the quarterfinals in the MX Cup

Estadio Olímpico de Benito Juárez /

Juárez advanced to Quarters of end do MX Cup when winning in series of sanctions 4-2 a Leon, in game that concluded in the regular time tied without goals in the field of Olympic Benito Juárez.

The set of borders will be measured in Veracruz In the duel scheduled in the second week of March.

It was a closed game they had this Wednesday Juárez e Leon, which from the first minute sought to reach more clearly to the rival goal. However, they could not specify when to finish the work.

As the encounter progressed, the beast It was proactive and, in the last leg of the first half, it was close to scoring. Their arrivals did the work of the doorman of Juárez Edmundo Vázquez, that resolved without misfortunes.

The Leon helmsman Ignacio Ambriz He moved his pieces in the complement to have a better court opening. He did not forge his approach and had to comply with the extension. The local team also made moves, but without result.

At the end of the 90 minutes the duel finished tied without goals, which forced to go to the series of penalties to define the winner and what will advance to the stage of Quarters of end.

In the series of shots of the eleven steps, Juárez Marked your destination better with annotations from Nicolás Borelli, Alejandro Pérez, Gabriel Huachen e Jesús Santos, while Leon He did not have his best destination yet Fernando Navarro e José Tesillo wrote down, Angel Mena failed, but it was not enough to move forward MX Cup

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