Saturday , January 16 2021

The contracts with a surcharge do not justify the cancellation of the NAIM: Castañón

Juan Pablo Castañón, president of the Business Coordination Council (CCE), said that the contracts of NAIM that register surcharges do not justify the cancellation of the project in Texcoco.

"Any contract should be analyzed and technically studied if there were bad decision-making processes or not, but that does not mean that (the next government) discredits an infrastructure project that Mexico needs in the next 40 years, 50 years," said Castañón. Castañón in interview with the Red Saddle.

In October, the Senior Audit Office of the Federation (ASF) announced that it has carried out 6 audits of the New Mexico International Airport (NAIM) in Texcoco, where it detected various irregularities for 328 million pesos derived from the airport's construction process. , due to undue payments and surpluses of costs in various jobs and non-compliance with regulatory provisions.

"They have to investigate any contract that was incorrect regardless of whether the project is carried out in Texcoco or Tizayuca and that any work that has suspicions of transparency should be investigated and even if it has been canceled, it must have consequences."

According to the ASF, in the construction of the perimeter, unpaid payments were set for 60 million of 98 thousand pesos for cost surpluses because the cost proposed by Sedena was not within market values ​​in the concept of PG64-22 asphalt folder and other elements.

"I did not refuse to say if there were, many, few or some contracts that were directly assigned to high prices beyond those of the market, which technically do not have support." It is not about justifying the cancellation of a high profile airport. He must have this transparency and punishment, "said Castañón

Castañón also said: "to take him (NAIM) and say that" nothing happened here, returning his money, and we forget to steal money, "is not the Mexico that we want."

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