Tuesday , July 27 2021

The first images of the new Nissan Versa are filtered

After eight years of production, the The best-selling car of Nissan in Mexico will present a generational update. The Japanese brand will officially present the brand new versa In a few hours at a music festival in Florida, however, the Chinese page of Automachi has leaked the first images from Almera, as you know in your market.

2020-nissan-versa_filtrado.jpg "src =" http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/sites/default/files/u25330/2020-nissan-versa_filtrado.jpg "style =" width: 567px; height: 319px; "/></p>
<p>The design really seems <em>more modern in comparison to the previous version</em> giving some details that resemble him with his brother, the Sentra. This is seen on the headlamps that will change to the LED lighting system, a black line that crosses the C pillar towards the rear windshield and a V-Motion grid adjusted to the language of <strong>current design of Nissan. </strong></p>
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In addition, within the new versa We see finishes that stand out for their sense of modernity and, surprisingly, increase the degree of sophistication of this model. More similar to the current versions of the brand models.

2020-nissan-versa_filtrado3.jpg "src =" http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/sites/default/files/u25330/2020-nissan-versa_filtrado3.jpg "style =" width: 567px; height: 319px; "/></p>
<p>The technical specifications are not yet available but it is rumored to share the 118-horsepower Kicks engine with an automatic CVT transmission. </p>
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