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The party is formed in the Estadio Teodoro Mariscal: Direct Line

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The mother of all the bands showed her power with the people of Mazatlan, who packed the Estadio Teodoro Mariscal, where there was not even a needle to celebrate the eightieth anniversary of Banda el Recodo.

From an early hour the thousands of Mazatlecos were filling the more than 18 thousand seats waiting to begin with the celebration, which opened a track with a DJ to later abandon the youth of Virlán García As the first artist to step on the great stage mounted with an enormous gangway from where he has played songs such as "Where is your love."

Chyno Miranda He began to dance to the thousands of attendees with songs like "Andas en mi Cabeza" and "Mi Niña Bonita", to give him the place later. Ulysses Chaidness, that lit the spirits with "What Caro I am paying".

After the romantic moment, the mazatlecos came to heat with "Ya No Tiene Novio" "No Pajama" and "Desconocidos" in the voice of Mau and Ricky, a duet of Venezuelans who is in vain; Immediately Remmy Valenzuela It involved the stage to release euphoria with issues such as "Cardboard Feelings" and "My soul is dying."

Blue dress, a Edith Márquez It took the stage to delight the thousands of attendees with songs from their new production, "You Obligó Me" and in advance as "Mira Me" with which he started singing to his followers.

One of the stellar moments lived with the King of the Accordion, Ramón Ayala, with songs such as "Baraja de Oro" "Tragos Amargos" and "Dos Hojas Sin Rumbo" put to sing and remember the audience.

The romanticism of Reik Theodore Mariscal invaded themes such as One Year and I Wanted, which were sung from start to finish, as a prelude to what would be the appearance of the surprising guest, Gerardo Ortiz, who yelled at the audience from his announcement and even the performance of "Who if he loved "" E Me Besa "" Egoista "and" Palma Salazar ".

"Well, I had not been in this place to start, sing and then in this great celebration that are these eighty years of the Recoder, impressive, very grateful."

No event Celia de Lizárraga give special recognition to German Lizarraga, for his contribution to the music of the band Sinaloa, who thanked the tears in his eyes when he indicated that he would only attend as a guest for the celebration.

"It was something I did not expect, to have this recognition, I received many recognitions, but to receive it here in the stadium where 80 years of the Mother of all Bands is celebrated, my father, Cruz Lizárraga, who formed it in 1938, imagine how I I feel "

The recently refurbished Estadio Teodoro Mariscal sought to burst thousands of people who were celebrating the mother of all the bands, El Recodo de Don Cruz Lizárraga.

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