Tuesday , July 27 2021

The Uruguayan Ministry of Health has confirmed a new case of measles

The Ministry of Public Health of Uruguay (MSP) confirmed on Thursday New case of measles of a 51-year-old man who had contact with the Russian citizen with measles who traveled to the country on March 17.

This was explained to the press by the director of Health of the South country, Raquel Rosas, which emphasized that the patient is not in a serious state and they are being made "all epidemiological investigations"to evaluate possible cases of your contagion.

MSP announced days ago The first case of measles since 1999after a Uruguayan woman, who arrived in the country from Buenos Aires on March 17 in the same boat as a Russian citizen with measles, contracted the disease.

Since the appearance of the first case, Uruguay urged its population to vaccinate against this disease and that they should pay due attention to prevent it from becoming defamatory or measles.

That Thursday was the third case discovered since the first person was infected.

"The population responded very well, very satisfactory to see how it is in its certificate, we have an increasingly important immunization and this makes the population is in better conditions and there are fewer people susceptible to acquiring the infection," he explained. Roses

In addition, the Health Director said that there are many vaccination centers and There is no risk that they will be without dose for its citizens.

As for the number of people that MSP is contacting for possible contacts with the infected, Rosas has indicated that There are 120 of the first case and 70 of the second.

"The epidemiology team is working almost permanently every day. He did not stop communicating with people who were in touch"said Rosas.

In addition, he said that it is not before a "health emergency"and that the population reviews its clinical history calmly to find out if it is vaccinated or should do so.

An MSP statement details the measles symptoms such as fever, rash, conjunctivitis and respiratory symptoms, which is why it is recommended for the population that the doctor sees if it has these characteristics.

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