Sunday , June 13 2021

"Breaking Bad" returns to the movie

The cult series "Breaking Bad" will go down in a feature film, said US actor Bryan Cranston yesterday, who embodied his hero Walter White. But he does not know if he will be an adventurer …

Transmitted from 2008 to 2013 on the AMC cable channel, "Breaking Bad" is considered one of the best series in the history of American television.

In just five seasons, he has won 16 Emmy Awards, Television Awards and two Golden Globes.

"Honestly, I did not read the script," said Bryan Cranston, 62, of The Dan Patrick Show. "So the question is whether Walter White will be or not in this movie," he added.

But he added that it would be "absolutely" to assume the role of the professor turned into drug addict if the creator of the series and director of the film, Vince Gilligan, proposed to him.

"If Vince Gilligan asks me to do this, of course," he said. "He's a genius."

"I'm excited because it's Breaking Bad," he said. "It was most of my professional life, and I can not wait to see these people again, even if it's just for a visit."

Cranston, nominated for the Oscar for his role in "Trumbo" (2015), said that the future film would have a closer look at "at least two characters who had not completed their career" in the series.

"There are many people who wanted to go after some unfinished stories" at the end of the 62 episodes of the series, he said.

According to several US media, the title of the film is "Greenbrier."

When asked, the state movie office in New Mexico said the filming of a movie entitled "Greenbrier" and produced by the Sony studio, would begin in mid-November and end in February.

The series "Breaking Bad" had been fired in New Mexico, mainly in Albuquerque and its surroundings.

A few days ago, the AMC channel announced cinematographic projects for another of its popular series, "The Walking Dead."

And the British historical series "Downton Abbey", which has made a brand worldwide, will also adapt to the movies. Filmmaking began.

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