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Google Clock is compatible with YouTube Music to wake up smoothly

After Spotify, it's the turn of YouTube Music to be compatible with the Google Clock app. A feature to wake up to the sound of your favorite music.

What's more fun than waking up to the rhythm of your favorite songs? YouTube Music subscribers have been glad because the video streaming service is now compatible with the Google Clock app, version 6.1. You can now link your YouTube Music account with the Clock app and browse through several songs. This allows you to define an artist, album or playlist of your choice as your wakeup alarm. They arrive less than tomorrow. This feature remains reserved for YouTube Music's Premium subscribers.

YouTube Music was already waiting for several months in the Google Clock app. In fact, Google's music streaming service is behind its Spotify rival. The latter was already compatible with the Clock application from August 2018. The fun strategy for Google, which left one of its competitors, occupies this function exclusively for almost six months.

A unique application to find all YouTube music videos, but also custom playlists and audio versions of YouTube.

3 reasons to download this application

  • All YouTube music in an app
  • Recommendations to discover music
  • Listen to the clues and watch the clips

Keep in mind that Google's strategy around YouTube Music is disconcerting because this platform coexists with Play Music for several months.

An increasingly complete watch application

In recent months, the Google Clock application has been enriched with new and practical features. First, the arrival of a dark theme, to adjust the alarm in your bed without burning the retina. We can also inform the slightly revised interface at the end of 2018 and the exclusive feature dedicated to Pixel 3 that mimics sunlight to prevent brutal awakenings. But it is especially the recent compatibility with the Google Assistant routines that is interesting every day. The alarm clock can, for example, fire the lamps in your home, or even increase the temperature of the heating.

At first glance, the Google Clock app is not revolutionary. We find the four usual functions of this type …

3 reasons to download this application

  • A simple and effective watch application
  • An elegant black interface
  • Wake up with your playlist and Spotify songs

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