Tuesday , January 26 2021

Opening of the first national conference on social protection in Skhirat

The work of the 1st national conference on social protection opened on Monday in Skhirat under the theme "Together for an integrated and sustainable social protection system."

The opening session of this meeting, under the patronage of King Mohammed VI, was attended by head of government, Saad Eddine El Othmani, and the Deputy Minister of General Affairs and Governance, Lahcen. Daoudi. Initiated by the Delegate Ministry of General Affairs and Governance, this event aims to open a public debate among different organizers, economic and social actors, civil society organizations and experts, in order to develop an integrated and consensual system of social protection vision essential component of the new development model.

This vision must overcome current dysfunctions and restrictions that limit the impact of this system on citizen and human and social development, according to the organizers, who say that this meeting also aims to find solutions that can guarantee restructuring, optimization and harmonization of programs and policies nationals in the field of social protection, in response to the high instructions of the king contained in the speech of the throne of July 29.

In fact, over time, Morocco has created a large array of social security programs and networks to support its economic development model, resulting in a diversified social protection system composed of two main components: a group of taxpayers to social security different pension funds (CMR, RCAR, CNRA, CNSS and CNOPS); and a non-contributory one based on a set of social assistance programs (INDH, RAMED, Tayssir, school canteens, internships, scholarships, professional integration programs, social welfare institutions, etc.). in a note of scope published by the Ministry of General Affairs and Government.

If, thanks to these programs, Morocco was able to achieve an effective medical coverage rate of 61% (35% through AMO and 26% through RAMED), a fairly satisfactory rate compared to the same level countries for the sake of integrity And objectivity, the integration of other assistance mechanisms within the scope of the national support system to the needy populations, we have the same source.

However, the Ministry adds, the current social protection system faces a multitude of risks and challenges that reduce its impact both in the social security component and in the social assistance component. The different studies and diagnoses of the national retirement system, for example, are unanimous in denouncing the weakness and fragility, characterized by their low asset coverage and the structural imbalance of some plans.

Likewise, public action on social assistance is characterized by a low capital due to excessive fragmentation of the program and the coordination deficit so that unnecessary individuals can be unprotected while others, in need, may be excluded from the networks of social assistance, write down the note.

The Kingdom is at a crossroads. To ensure equitable and inclusive development, you need to have a real social protection system, integrated and consistent with the ambition to cover the population that needs protection in a fair, effective, responsible and transparent manner. the ministry In the menu of these social protection meetings, organized for two days in the framework of an association between several ministerial departments and interested public institutions, with the support of the European Union and Unicef, there are two plenary sessions on "Social protection in Morocco: achievements and challenges" and "Governance, guidance and financing of social protection".

Workshops are also planned and will focus on the social protection of children and young people, the active population, the elderly and people with disabilities, as well as basic health coverage and social protection institutions. .

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