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Social dialogue or eternal postponement at the service of a PJD agenda


by Mohamed Deychillaoui the 11/5/2018 at 23:09

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Kiosque360. In the absence of a convincing "social proposal", the Moroccan union centers decided to boycott the next rounds of social dialogue with the government. Unless El Othmani abandons the ballast, the blockade is out of time.

In addition to the National Union for Labor in Morocco (UNTM), the union arm of the Justice and Development Party, all other unions, including the most representative ones such as the UMT, the CDT and the CGTM, have decided to stop any dialogue with the current government.

in agreement Al Akhbar On Tuesday, November 6, which publishes an editorial on this impasse, the unions promised not to return to the negotiating table, since the head of government, Saad-Eddine El Othmani, will not present concrete proposals and more or less consistent with his book of claims
This position comes after the last round of social dialogue, held at the end of last week and marked by a total failure because each party remained in their positions. But for Al AkhbarThe ball remains on the court of the government, provided that the social bomb is quickly deactivated before it is in the hands.

Even worse, since the signing of the union-government agreement of April 24, 2011, in a context of the Arab Spring, all governments led by the PJD, which have succeeded since then, have never progressed a single iota the sense of improvement of the conditions of Life of the Moroccans, accused the newspaper.

Even today and in spite of the instructions of the country's highest authority to revive social dialogue and leave quickly, Saad-Eddine El Othmani, instead of giving priority to peace and social stability to the country's politics, diverted budgetary considerations and calculations from others merchants For him, an increase of 400 dirhams of public employees below 10 and 100 dirhams more for family subsidies is the maximum limit that the government can grant to unions. It is to take or leave. to Al Akhbar, this appearance of governmental firmness is in fact only a "maneuver to serve the PJD agenda, which depends on a social crisis to achieve certain political goals."

Without supporting the trade unions, he also accused of wanting to hide his many flaws through his endless wastefulness with the government, Al Akhbar He claims that the keys to the success of social dialogue are in the hands of O Othmani. However, this one voluntarily maintains the "status quo", hoping to turn the hot potato into its successor. Exactly how he himself inherited the Benkirane government.

By Mohamed Deychillaoui

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