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Swine flu: the Ministry of Health records five deaths

Morocco recorded five deaths from H1N1 flu in a month, according to health minister Anas Douakkali. 8 health centers dedicated themselves to the detection of viruses throughout the national territory.

In a statement given to our colleagues in Medias24, health minister Anas Doukkali returned to the spread of influenza A H1N1. According to the minister, "for now, do not worry because it is not an exceptional situation." Anas Doukkali explained that "the news brings 5 ​​deaths, which affect vulnerable people who have experienced complications after a flu disease with this virus."

The Minister of Health added that "the five cases refer to vulnerable people who contracted the virus before dying the complications they followed. Older people, pregnant women, young children, smokers, asthmatic and people with respiratory fragility consider them most vulnerable

During the government council held in Rabat on Thursday, Anas Doukkali gave a presentation on the epidemiological situation in the country and the measures taken by his department to fight the spread of influenza A H1N1. The minister informed the government that 8 health centers have been dedicated to virus detection throughout the country.

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