Saturday , April 17 2021

Beau van Erven Dorens makes a new program for homeless people with homeless people NOW

After Amsterdam Project e Rotterdam Project Beau van Erven Dorens does another television show with and on homeless people. In The key Homeless people have an apartment instead of money and have to conquer a place in society.

In the program, six homeless people from six different cities will receive the key of their own home. They are compatible with professional help. The program is based on the scientific research of "Housing First", an idea that originated in America and where homeless people can face their problems, such as debt, peace and security of their own homes.

"In Gerrie, Alan and Marco, participants in the homeless project in Amsterdam, I noticed that a large part of the story just started when they found their own home," says Van Erven Dorens. "The main problem is: how is this house maintained and how does it face a society that has not been part of so long?"

Recovery coach Rokus Lopik also works with Van Erven Dorens Rotterdam Project and in 2006 brought the principle of "Housing First" to the Netherlands. "I have a 200% confidence in the collaboration with Beau, with the people we are going to work with and the results of this program."

The program will be in RTL next year.

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