Friday , June 18 2021

De Gier after his arrival at Jong Ajax: "Do not be convinced"

10:28 – It remains difficult what NEC shows in the First Division. The Nijmegen team shares good results as disappointments and reached a new low in Amsterdam on Friday night. In Jong Ajax, they lost 4-0, with the horror of coach Jack de Gier.

The Vulture after the decline in Jong Ajax:

NEC went to rest with a deficit of 1-0. "Because it does not persuade, get an equal slogan in the first half," says De Gier Omroep Gelderland. "You are still in the game, but we get 2-0 in the ears after losing the ball in front and then three play very easily, so the mental blow is so great that everyone falls by the ice., 4-0, that's scandalous ".

After the game, De Gier searched Nijmegen supporters to start a conversation. "You do not know what to say, it only hurts everyone, we talk about followers in a good way, but we have to change something because what we have in mind does not come true. In, that's really shit to see."

NEC had title aspirations, but disappointing eighth.

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