Friday , June 18 2021

French was all over the country for expensive diesel

French drivers are no longer increasing fuel prices and additional taxes. They want to stop traffic in more than 500 places in the country. President Macron says he understands the anger, but he does not want to be tied up. "I prefer to charge extra taxes on fuel than at work."

"Send fuel accounts to Macron". This call for an association of motor vehicles is receiving a large audience in France. Last year, the price of diesel rose 23%, 15% of gasoline. A liter of diesel costs now more than 1.60 euros. Although it is cheaper than us: here, a liter of diesel costs 1.63 euros.

As a symbol of dissatisfaction, the yellow security vests appear in the car windows throughout France. French motorists have now decided to block highways and gas stations around the country on November 17.

Supermarket support

Even the large supermarket chains support the population. For example, the Leclerc group sells its fuel at purchase prices, in protest. "Today's discontent is justified. It is important that we send a clear signal to the government," says Michel-Édouard Leclerc, president of the company. The chain of supermarkets Carrefour is also taking measures and is selling fuel to buy prices until November 17. It emphasizes, this is transformed into a "only" discount of 2 to 10 cents per liter. This relatively small difference makes it clear that it is not the service stations that will perform the great benefit. The price of fuel consists of 60% of taxes. And from January 2019 there will be an increase in fuel tax. The French did not recognize it: an opinion poll shows that 78 percent of the population is behind the demonstration.

French President Macron is not protruding. He "prefers additional taxes on fuel than labor." According to him, the price increase has an ecological motive: he wants them to be as many diesel cars on the French roads. In 2011, 70% of French cars still had a diesel engine, now only 39%. But Macron also understands to the population: "For decades we urge everyone to buy a diesel engine and now we say the opposite. They feel imprisoned and find them unfair."

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