Sunday , June 13 2021

Henk Schiffmacher comes with her own jewelry line NOW

King's tattoo Henk Schiffmacher has designed his own line of LOOT jewelry. Together with his wife, Louise was inspired by primitive forms of art.

In From Telegraaf Schiffmacher tells about his love for demonstrations from prehistoric times. "Over the years we have compiled many things during our trips that have to do with the history of tattoo art and I have a great library full of ethnic elements and it does not have to be too complicated, I am very fond of primitive art."

LOOT has to be complemented with new jewels in the coming years. "We still have five years to foam the whole world and capture everything with pen and paper."

"We just want to print our tattoo seal at all," explains Schiffmacher. "In the past, we did this with a saxophone, we had a knife line, shirts and even sunglasses and underwear, and now jewelry, and we're so happy about it."

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