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Lidl can continue to sell Kordaat beer, rejected Grolsch's complaint

Lidl can simply continue to sell Kordaat beer. The Rotterdam court today rejected a complaint from Grolsch on this. According to the judge, there are sufficient differences between Lidl beer and Krathit beer from Grolsch.

The Kornuit brand is from Grolsch and focuses on young beer drinkers. By the end of 2018, Lidl suddenly placed Kordaat on the shelves, a beer brand for "all the firm men in the Netherlands."

The beer was put on the market as of October with a frightful campaign. Television spaces and bus shelters told men "heroic workers" who know to our country that there was a new beer for them.

Focus on Kordaat

Then he realized that the focus of the campaign was on the Kordaat brand. The only place where it is for sale, Lidl, was not mentioned in the first instance. And immediately he also realized that the beer brand had some of the other brands.

The business reminded the workmen that Amstel is focusing on. The packaging looks a bit like Brouwers, the rebranding of Albert Heijn's own brand. And the name has something like the Gratsch Kornuit, which also starts with "#" and ends with a & # 39; t & # 39 ;.

"There is no confusion"

That immediately hit Grolsch incorrectly. The brewer got in touch then and asked if the supermarket wanted to stop production and sales, but the supermarket did not agree with Grolsch. Both ended up in court.

Today it seems that there is no confusion according to the judge. The names of the beers are something similar to each other in terms of sound, but due to the difference of letters on which emphasis is placed, there is very little agreement to create a probability of confusion.

"We are very surprised and impressed by this statement," says a Grolsch spokesman. "We continue to be combative and believe that Lidl fundamentally violates our Kornuit brand," he says. Grolsch's lawyers are considering a resource. Next week the company will make a decision.

Other claims

Trademark registration has already shown that the supermarket chain presented the Kordaat brand in July 2018. Lidl also told RTL Z at the time they invented their own name.

By the way, Grolsch was not the only one who worried about the new beer. Other people started calling after the presentation. The Kordaat study, Leiden's design and communication agency, was also not impressed by the name of the beer brand. They claimed to be disturbed by the Lidl campaign, partly because they also have a small-scale beer.

Sieger Suurbiers of Wessel Juristen, who helps Studio Kordaat, said at the time there was confusion and talked with Lidl. The two parties reached an agreement and agreed that they could coexist for now.

And to overcome everything, after the launch it was discovered that there was already a beer brew called Kordaat, located near Roermond. The founder deliberately chose the brand because of his defense fund.

With the brewery I wanted to help veterans to return to work in PTSD. These plans were at a lower level. Lidl said at the time that "there were suddenly many Kordaten" and that his lawyers had investigated correctly whether the supermarket could put Kordaat in the market.

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