Wednesday , May 12 2021

Max Verstappen was more nervous to simpace than the true Formula 1 race.

Max Verstappen indicates that he was nervous about the simrace he took with Rudy van Buren last weekend. Van Buren confirmed this and understood that feeling in Verstappen. According to him, Verstappen can only leave as a driver of Formula 1.

No Formula 1 coffee in Ziggo Sport Friday night, Rudy van Buren was present, Verstappen online partner and simulator driver at Mclaren. During the broadcast, there was a brief change for an interview with Max Verstappen in which Jack Plooij asked him about his online racing adventure.

"Certainly it was not easy, but when I was in Bahrain, Rudy worked hard on the setup. Our car worked very well compared to others, so that my life made me a bit easier during the race. But definitely, very happy to be. win there ".

Rudy would be nervous about running with Verstappen, but he could be even more nervous. "I think I was very nervous. During the race, I was talking one after the other in the chat. He is very good at speed, but also a lot of meaningless cocks. I have to be a little more focused on the simulator. relax if you have someone next to you who is so confident. "

It is clear that Van Buren is a very fast driver. According to Rudy himself, Verstappen can not match his times online. "He said he was more nervous than before a Formula 1 race. He can only come out. He is not faster than me, but he's getting closer."

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