Saturday , October 23 2021

Mosques require the Twitter account to banish Wilders


The summit of Turkish mosques thinks Geert Wilders should be expelled from Twitter. According to the Turkish-Islamic Cultural Federation (TICF), which encompasses 144 mosques in our country, statements by Wilders on Twitter are in conflict with the conditions of social media use. If Twitter does not override the politician's account, the TICF will go to court.

Hate Propaganda & # 39;

In any case, the summit will file a complaint against Twitter in four Islamic countries. In Turkey, Morocco, Pakistan and Indonesia the declarations made by Wilders through Twitter are punishable. Twitter offers Wilders a platform to spread hate propaganda, says Ejder Köse, a TICF advocate in AD. And with that, Twitter is also punishable in these countries.

"Wilders has failed, it hurts Muslims in a structural way and legitimizes violence," according to Köse, the Turkish address of religious affairs, which includes TCIF, has already filed a complaint against Wilders for a video that was distributed through Twitter, among other things . Islam is deadly, but the prosecutor's office has decided not to prosecute Wilders. "Therefore, we are looking for other ways to stop Wilders, if not by criminal law, but through civil law."

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