Monday , March 1 2021

Robots handle luggage at the Hague airport in Rotterdam

This test is just about luggage outlet, that is, the bags that were registered and then fly to the destination. "Now luggage can get to the plane as quickly as possible, it is speed and convenience," says Désirée Breedveld, commercial director of the airport against RTV Rijnmond.

According to Breedveld, an automated system is "always very reliable". The ground staff will now do their work differently. "Work is made easier for them."

Green electricity

Travelers should also start to notice something about the new way of working with robots. Evers hopes that the bags will no longer be lost. "Because with this system we automatically order the suitcase on the right flight so that the baggage will surely accompany the right plane." The cars are loaded with green electricity.

The trial began yesterday and lasts for three months. In the middle, possible teething problems were leaked. After the trial, we'll see where robots can be used even more.

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