Tuesday , March 9 2021

Shortwrapter Schulting grab silver at 500 meters in the world cup. | NOW

Suzanne Schulting won the silver in 500 meters in the second World Cup in the American Salt Lake City.

The skater directed the whole race in front. In the last straight line, he tried to pass the Polish Natalia Maliszweska pulling the foot forward, but Schulting just did not pass.

Yara van Kerkhof finished fifth, which had to be restarted twice after the failures.

Schulting won the 1000 meters a day earlier, the distance they captured the Olympic title in Pyeongchang earlier this year.

Knegt was the best of 1500 meters on Saturday. Sunday was eliminated in the 500 meters in the quarterfinals.

Change of success of reimbursement teams

Short followers did not have a relay medal in the second World Cup in Salt Lake City.

The Dutch team with Rianne de Vries, Van Kerkhof, Schulting and Lara van Ruijven was the first position for a great part of the race, but lost the first position after a difficult change. The quartet was fourth. South Korea finally won the race.

Men are not in the final in Salt Lake City. The Dutch quartet was eliminated in the quarterfinals. The victory went to Hungary like a week earlier.

In the mixed relay, a new Olympic part in 2022, the Netherlands captured the silver one week earlier in Calgary. Daan Breeuwsma, Knegt, Van Ruijven and Schulting had to leave Hungary alone.

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