Friday , April 16 2021

The Amsterdam hockey club warns the members: "No cycle alone"

A Amsterdam hockey club warns young players not to go to and from the club alone. Athena's website says recently that young members were persecuted, threatened and even stolen in one case.

The message states that it is important that children circulate in groups as much as possible. Parents are also called to go with their children and it is not recommended to bring valuables such as phones and expensive coats to training, writes NH Nieuws.

Fixed injection

The president of the Athena hockey club in East Amsterdam says Het Parool that robberies occur more frequently, especially in October. "It's a firing shot: we warn parents and we hope that it will become in November, December, and then for. That is why we robbed the robbery on Wednesday last day."

According to the president, the robbery was committed by a group of children of approximately 15 years. Three young hockey players were threatened with a taser. I expect the municipality to intervene and move cameras along the long and ill-lit road towards the Voorland / Middenmeer sports park.

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