Monday , April 12 2021

The manufacturer Stint removes the bankruptcy request & # 39;

Stintum, the producer of the Stint, withdrew his bankruptcy application. The company first wants to wait and see if the electric car can be re-admitted on the public highway soon, says RTV Utrecht, Stintum chief, Edwin Renzen, on Tuesday afternoon.

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Renzen says he received a renewed hope for a return from the Stint for several reasons. He mentions, for example, the unexpected appeal to the State Council that on Tuesday was registered by a guardhouse of Almeria, against a decision of the judge in Utrecht. The canoe tried by means of the interlocutory decision to undo the prohibition of the Stint, and was not successful by the court. The appeals against such judgment in the interlocutory procedure are not habitual. However, according to the refugee lawyer, the process was not fair.

In addition, Renzen trusts in consultation between the minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure, VVD) and a number of centers of attention to the boy, who according to From Telegraaf will take place next week. Nurseries want the card to be used again. The parents' association Boink announced Monday that from the temporary ban of the Stint various accidents occurred to children who have to walk the streets without mentioning a specific number.

Possible new request

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Stintum announced Monday that it filed an application for bankruptcy with the court. According to Renzen, there was no money due to Stint's ban. The director now thinks the Stint will be admitted again soon. In this case, the cars that are now stored in the Stintum can still be sold. If there is no rapid change in the situation, Renzen may have a new bankruptcy petition.

During the talks in the House of Representatives on the Stint, Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen said on Tuesday that "it is very possible" that "a form of the Stint" is about to start driving again. Security doubts can no longer exist, the minister underlined the news agency ANP.

The reason for the temporary ban of the Stint is the accident in Oss, where at the end of September four children died and two were seriously injured. A Stint was picked up on a train crossing by a train, perhaps because something bad with the car was technically. Van Stenhuizen took the Stint off the road in early October due to "potential security risks."

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