Thursday , October 1 2020
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Working on Alibaba? It is only available for 72 hours


According to the Bloomberg news agency, Ma said at an internal meeting that people who want an 8-hour workday should find their salvation elsewhere. Instead, he praised the "work culture 996" from 9 to 9 May, six days a week.

Many reviews

There are stories about the Chinese technology industry about startup programmers and founders who die unexpectedly due to the long days they do, with associated tension. But I do not care.

Ma also shared his vision in a post at Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter, and received many criticisms. "What nonsense," says one. "I hope people follow the law and do not follow their own reasoning." The 40-hour work week was created in China in 1995, but many companies do not adhere to this.


Another one affirms in Weibo: "The leaders who want a 996 work week only work for themselves and only their wealth grows from it. People work so much because we are exploited without being compensated for overtime."

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