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"Come on!": "Hugh Jackman looks at Duncan Garner after the show

Duncan Garner was in trouble with one of the biggest Hollywood stars in the world to stand out for a much sought after interview.

The only and only Hugh Jackman was in Auckland on Wednesday and Garner and The AM Show had an interview for 12:30 at AUT.

But confusing their universities, Garner appeared at MIT instead. Not only that, he managed to get caught in the parking lot there.

Revealing the program's story this morning, his co-host Amanda Gillies recalled that he received a "Panic" call from Garner saying: "I do not know what to do, I do not leave … I'm just not going to do it."

Long story short, he did not. And his colleagues were quick to take him under the bus with Jackman, with his partner Mark Richardson saying to the star: "I had a c ** k, basically."

In the video footage he was broadcast on Show AM, Gillies explained the situation Jackman said was "hilarious," but then he looked straight into the camera to have a hard word with Garner.

He said: "Duncan, you really have to get a better excuse than go to the wrong university, locked in a car … what was it? Did you miss your homework? Come on!

So, he made the airquotes saying mockingly: "Be in transit" – that old chestnut tree. "

Gillies joked that Garner was "at home with a beer".

Even Garner had no way to go out, admitting: "There's nothing more that I can say to this one than the wave of a white flag."

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