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Ferns de Fútbol has no match for Matildas, since the trip to the World Cup begins with the loss

Emily Gielnik of the Matildas celebrates putting them ahead.


Emily Gielnik of the Matildas celebrates putting them ahead.

The Football Ferns did not show any match for Australia's Matildas when they started their trip to the World Cup, losing 2-0 at the Leichhardt Oval in Sydney on Thursday night.

One of these teams will be a candidate for the title in France in June, while looking to win a game at the showpiece event for the first time, and it was easy to say what was it – though this does not mean that ferns do not have no moments .

While most Matildas were in action in Europe or the W-League of Australia, which was broadcast two weeks ago, the first 11 games of Ferns only played a combined 1325-minute soccer game in 2019, six of them without any, and there were Often when I showed it.

They will return to center their focus in Argentina waiting in Brisbane on Sunday and their wounds are released after losing 5-0 to South Korea in the first encounter of the Nations Cup tournament.

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The Ferns aligned in a 3-5-2 formation for their first match against the non-Western opposition with coach Tom Sermanni, although they moved to a 4-4-2 10 minutes before the break, they apparently sought to deny the Matildas the space That I was allowing them in the middle field and on the edge.

Goalkeeper Erin Nayler was called a lot in the first half, first to deny Emily Gielnik in 17 minutes, after she entered the box on the right, and later Sam Kerr twice admitted, next to the half-hour mark, when she had attempts with her head then her foot.

The Ferns could also count their blessings on two occasions, first when Elise Kellond-Knight sent a free-kick against the edge of the area in the swallow, later when a Betsy Hassett handball went unnoticed.

Emily van Egmond missed the opportunity to put Matildas in the 39th minute, receiving a cut from Caitlin Foord in the middle of the box just to throw the shot to the right, but Gielnik finally put in front a minute of rest.

The attacker Sarah Gregorius was one of the soccer players heavier than soccer.


The attacker Sarah Gregorius was one of the soccer players heavier than soccer.

Nayler came across a cross on the right and left without land when he was driving, though Gielnik was lucky that Abby Erceg made a hash of what looked like a routine block from his shot from the inside.

The best moments of the Ferns came when they could push and force the Matildas to cough the ball in the back, but that approach meant that, once they were defeated, there was enough space for their hosts to exploit.

Sarah Gregorius had been a livewire in the first spell, looking to perform behind, and had the best chance of Ferns just before going back, when he entered the box on the left and then cut his foot stronger, just to send a bold attempt to the leader of Matildas, Lydia Williams.

The change in formation of the ferns changed their pressure and their threat of attack and after Matildas suffered twice to double the lead at the beginning of the second half. Foord and Kerr sent the attempts of the whole game.

As the clock marked the time marker, Ferns midfielder Annalie Longo continued a strong start sending Gregorius to a goal with a well timed ball, but the attacker had to shoot from the distance with Williams charging him and his shot was left back very close to goal kick.

The Matildas made a series of changes, most prominent was the elimination of Kerr, but they continued to be a threat, when they hit Swallow for the second time when Tameka Butt sent an archery effort over a Nayler backslash.

One of his substitutes was Hayley Raso, returning to the team after breaking his turn and she had an immediate impact, leaving behind Ali Riley left and firing a shot that left Matildas two clear goals with 15 minutes to play.

Nations Cup, day 1

Australia 2 (Gielnik 44 & # 39;, Flat 75 & # 39;) Football Ferns 0
: 1-0

South Korea 5 (Mira Moon 4 & # 39;, Hwayeon Are 53 & # 39 ;, Sodam Lee 56 & # 39 ;, Soyun Ji 68 & # 39 ;, 75 & # 39;) Argentina 0.
HT: 1-0

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