Thursday , July 29 2021

Flint Wallace declares himself guilty of firing former partner at Otorohanga after attending counseling together

Leigh Wallace's ex-companion attended counseling for his only hour before he fatally killed him at the head.

Flint Wallace, 57, pleads guilty to murder Leigh Wallace through the audio-visual connection at Hamilton High Court this morning.

Wallace and Leigh Wallace, 50, who were also prime cousins, had a continuing and deactivated relationship since 2014, according to the summary of the facts.

Wallace had a history of incidents of family prejudices and in June last year his repeal was canceled.

In July this year, Leigh Wallace moved from Wallace's Otorohanga property to live with the family in Whakatane, but returned to Otorohanga on August 31 to attend counseling in relation.

The duo drove a Nissan to the advisory session together and left at 12.15pm.

His ute was stained parked off of a farm in Te Kuiti for four hours and at 5.30 a. M., Wallace was seen jumping again in the vehicle before both returned to his home in Otorohanga.

Once back in the property, Wallace was sitting in the driver's seat when he shot a rifle at Leigh Wallace, who was sitting next to him, sticking to his head.

Wallace then called a family member and told him that "he had done something stupid."

The family members arrived within 15 minutes to find blood from the mouth of the grandmother. They took the weapon from Wallace.

When the police arrived and asked Wallace if he had shot his companion, he nodded. He could not talk to the police because of his injury.

The emergency services arrived and confirmed that Leigh Wallace died.

Wallace must be sentenced on December 13.

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