Friday , January 15 2021

Kate Hawkesby: Our Christmas tree is up and running – is it early in November?


We put our Christmas tree on the weekend.

Six Very early

But try to tell an exciting child. It was unstoppable.

Partially excited for Christmas, partly wished to rub it on the face of the Grinch resident.
It worked I was horrified.

But the festive spirit is around and it seems that it is made earlier every year.

We will hardly wear the sand of the Labor Weekend and we will move away the fireworks, before the Christmas decorations are around us.

From stores with Christmas decorations popping up in windows to Christmas music that slid into the shopping centers (a definitive push to get to the Christmas shopping mode at the beginning …)

YouTubers, influential bloggers and young people who follow social media are starting their "unboxings" & # 39; of Christmas

Merchants marketed as "limited edition" are tentatively placed in front of them, urging them to get in quickly.

But if you think everything is premature, consider this: one in five British people has finished buying Christmas. Correct It's over

Apparently, the British are famous for coming soon and having packed everything until November.

The logic of my daughter was that the sooner the tree was, the more time we can appreciate.

Obviously, the true tree has to come later, but an artificial one can sit for weeks and weeks with no worries.

It did not take long to finish decorating and putting a crown of flowers on the front door to the neighbors. Wide-eyed, wondering why on earth was the Christmas tree.

"Why not?" my daughter replied.

Does it seem that we have many rules around Christmas that we do not have?
Some people do not have trees until the first of December, some feel the same way about Christmas music.

This is fair enough. But I think it's Christmas, and most important for who is that?

There are only so many years that children are in trees and Santa and carols and fairy lights. So why not appreciate it, or more so let them enjoy – while they can.

Because before bedtime they sleep, lamenting having to spend a lot of time with the family away from their friends, dragging their feet to Christmas shopping and poo-pooing photos.

So, one day, a mortgage bite, work and reality – and boom, you have a totally blown Grinch.

So, if the magic of Christmas's childhood means to wear the decorations in November, well for me.

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