Sunday , June 13 2021

Mum 's creates a fun reward graphic that every country wants to adopt

Reward charts are a popular way to get kids to do their jobs, but a woman turned her head to the head and presents a reward chart that gives chocolate the true heroes of negotiations between parents and children: father.

Maralee Bradley, from Nebraska, United States, has designed a letter of awards inspired by a series of Halloween-related publications that he had seen counting the calories of the chocolates he ingested.

Instead of rewarding children with goodies for their tasks, the table suggests that parents reward themselves for properly handling a complicated exchange with their children.

"Around Halloween, I continued to see this photo around this list of different sweets, your calorie count and what kind of exercise you should do for aromatherapy. Um, no thanks," he wrote on Facebook.

"Maternity is hard enough, no fault of candy. So I jumped out this little box to put a little bit of a different twist on it.

"Motherhood is difficult, the delicious thing is delicious and maybe it's good that we sometimes give ourselves a little reward for being incredible moms. No candy can" burn "the stress and frustration of your average day of maternity, but I will not to say that it does not help. This is completely cheek, so I hope you enjoy it with the spirit you intended. "

The parodic graphic resonated with many online parents who loved the idea and even recommended higher rewards.

"That Milky Way is too small to meet the need at 02:37 p.m.," said someone.

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