Saturday , October 23 2021

Paoa attacks the minister of facts


New Zealand The first deputy Shane Jones says that Ngāti Paoa needs to get his house in order.

The Auckland and Hauraki iwi are divided, with a group around what is supposed to be post-liquidation government entity trying to freeze the Trusted Council of Ngāti Paoa.

He has filed a complaint against Crown negotiator Rick Barker, former Labor office minister, and is trying to renegotiate the proposed agreement to obtain most of the properties of Auckland than other iwi in the Marutūahu group.

Mr Jones says he was offended by Mr. Barker's attacks and told Waitangi's Treaty Minister of Negotiations, Andrew Little, that he should not waste time in the agreement until he has relied on the financial cleansing of the negotiating group.

"Hariata Gordon, a woman of great esteem and renown in the days of Koro Wetere, who fought to return to Ngāti Paoa the Waiheke farm, would become his grave with the behavior of these disagreeable and little-disciplined young people." he says.

Meanwhile, the Ngāti Paoa Trust Council applied for the crown for five years of audited accounts of Ngāti Paoa Iwi Trust.

Senior official Dave Roebeck responds that a meeting convened by businessman Morehu Wilson last month that voted to eliminate the trust mandate was unauthorized and invalid.

He said that since the creation of the government of the liquidation of posts was created he attempted to usurp the trustees' mandate, and he also received billions of dollars in payments for settling treaties on his own account.

To date, he has refused to provide audited accounts for the iwi or the trustee.

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