Thursday , September 23 2021

Respawn explains the reason for the silence between the updates of Apex Legends

A developer of Apex Legends explained why Respawn will not go into details about the new features that come into play.

Since the launch of Apex Legends in February, it has not received many new features.

This does not mean that the developers are completely away from the game, since they were constantly behind the cameras prohibit players and there were some updates, especially those that introduced the battle pass of season 1.

Respawn gives an idea of ​​why they do not make promises for Apex Legends

Fans have begun to wonder why the development team does not go into detail with what goes on in the game, something that received a long response from a developer.

A developer of Apex Legends, Brent Mcleod, what's up Scriptacus on Reddit He went into details explaining why the team does not go far enough to say what he is working on.

"Regarding the reason they do not give specific answers about unannounced or requested functions (such as alternative modes), too often it is not prudent to do so," wrote in Reddit. "You only have to mention this type of thing. The timeline begins at the moment it is mentioned and everyone has an expectation different from what is a reasonable calendar."

Gaming websites could really hurt the developers based on the wording of the articles

Although he believes that fans will create their own lines of time, he adds that gaming publications can also help create a negative narrative.

"If I had to say" Yes, X will play the game someday "it would probably be picked up by blogs and game news sites, published as" Respawn says X is coming to Apex "and depending on how these articles are written, They will set expectations incorrectly for many people.

This is definitely a problem that has appeared in other games so it is likely that Respawn simply does not want to make promises that he can not keep.

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