Sunday , July 25 2021

Sky TV cuts the price of the sporting streaming service of Fan Pass

Sky TV reduced the Fan Pass service price of $ 100 per month to $ 59 per month.

The online service offers Sky Sport channels from 1 to 4, transmitted through the website or the Fan Pass application.

For those who enroll in the Fan Pass for six months, the price will be $ 39 per month (the price of six months was previously $ 56 per month).

Sky says there are more changes to the Fan Pass. The application faces Spark Sport's new $ 20 / month Spark Sport, which is currently being used to streamline Formula One races and later this year it will be used for English Premier League soccer and for the Copa del Rugby World 2019 (which will charge additional charges still to be revealed) among other sports.

The move rejects the rise in prices of Fan Pass in 2017, when CEO John Fellet appeared to fear that the service could cannibalize the traditional Sky satellite business.

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In an interview on March 21, the new CEO of Sky TV, Martin Stewart, offered strong criticisms to Fan Pass.

"The problem is that we have 12 channels and our partners affiliated with Sky Sport. We put four in Fan Pass," he said.

"Then we say: & # 39; You can only have it on two devices. & # 39;

"Afterwards we say: 'You can not throw it to a big screen.'

"And if all this was not enough to land it, we make it $ 99.99 [a month]. "

New CEO of Sky TV, Martin Stewart. Photo / Jason Oxenham.
New CEO of Sky TV, Martin Stewart. Photo / Jason Oxenham.

Stewart promised a Fan Pass application with more attractive prices, the possibility of transmitting content to large screen television and much more content, soon – even four weeks after its term, it will not be stopped at an exact timeline.

Read more of his inaugural interview here.

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