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The former survival guide for Google workers for women – how to succeed "without hurting the feelings of men"

Sarah Cooper is like anti-Sheryl Sandberg.

Instead of telling women to "bow down", the former Google employee is offering more practical advice for women in technology with his new book, called How to be successful without hurting the feelings of men.

"Ambitious women are scared. In this fast-paced business world, female leaders need to make sure they are not perceived as aggressive, aggressive or competent," explains the promotional material in the book.

The chapters include "How to be harassed without hurting your career" and "How to bring your true self to work and then hide it completely." Each chapter ends with a list of "elements of inaction".

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Behind the mood there is, of course, a serious message.

"How to be successful without hurting the feelings of men It was unleashed on all the things I did on Google to look more enjoyable and accessible, such as being less direct with comments and using all those smiling faces in my emails, as well as the double level I saw among my male and female colleagues "said.


"I would like to hear how much it backs down after leaning and then leans again, and then you have to recommend it again, and if it is a good workout for your abs," said Sarah Cooper of Sheryl Sandberg.

He was inspired by a blog post he wrote called "9 non-threatening leadership strategies for women" that were immediately viral with "many women writing to tell me they experienced the same thing," he said.

That publication has become part of the book. It offers gems like: "If a male work colleague steals his idea at a meeting, thank him for it. Give him a commendation as he explained his idea so clearly. And we will do it, no one could have heard if he did not repeat it ".

The stories and illustrations of the book are sometimes fictional, sometimes not, but all inspired by real incidents experienced by Cooper, his friends and colleagues.

After spending more than five years as a woman in technology working on her way to a director position in Google, Cooper had a lot of inspiration for the book and her new career as a comedian. He is best known for his previous book, 100 tricks to appear clever at meetings and for your blog, The Cooper review.

Although Cooper also did a little work on Yahoo, both books and much of his blog was mainly inspired by Google, he said Businessman.

"In Google, I received free food and a lot of free material," he said.

Beyond giving women technology a much needed laugh, Cooper hopes that women will know that, no, they can not imagine it.

After spending more than five years in Google, Sarah Cooper forged a new career as a comedian.


After spending more than five years in Google, Sarah Cooper forged a new career as a comedian.

That is a super useful message in the #MeToo world today. It is particularly powerful given the recent Google fuss since the company is clear about how various incidents of sexual harassment were treated.

We asked Cooper if he considered reaching Sandberg with a copy of the book. Sandberg is, of course, the former Googler, now COO on Facebook, which is famous the current feminist movement renewed that seeks gender equality at work.

Cooper tells him that he did not send the book to Sandberg, but if he ever had the opportunity to hang up with her, "I would like to hear what is leaning back after leaning and then leaning again and then leaning back again, and if it's a Good training for your abs. "

He also asked if he would model his book after the Lean In organization and would initiate a non-threatening Female Foundation, with support meetings and circles.

"Yes, I would love to start a non-threatening woman foundation in which we probably pass all our meetings apologizing to each other," I ask.

But he also had a more serious response: "The end point of the book is to stop worrying if you are feeling the feelings of men, then maybe I would begin to found the women threatening."

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